Precision mechanics / CNC

Precision mechanics is our origin and filed of expertise with long, family history. We process metals and composites to match your complex projects. Our production part includes automated and manual lathes, mills, CNC, grinders and more. Our team of engineers can advice on material and design from start to finish to provide best possible solution. This offer is mainly aimed for ventures, mechanics, automatics & maintenance divisions and more.

Our focus and offer includes:

  • Computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CNC)

  • Precision mechanics of metals and composites

  • Turning, milling, drilling, cutting of various components

  • Production and renovation of various components

  • Non-standardised parts manufacturing and modifications

  • Thermal processing & welding

  • Steel & light alloys structures (design & assembly)

  • Custom parts and components

  • Project, material and design consultation

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