Relocation and maintenance

Relocation of the production line can be challenging and time consuming. Proper preparation as well as proceeding are essential parts to deal with. Transportation and relocation can be fast and efficient, while high safety standard is maintained. Our experience if this field allowed many ventures start proceed with the production minutes after our relocation service. Hiring professionals can save the company money, time and stress when comes down to moving, installing and setting new devices and machines.

In our portfolio we conducted many big and challenging tasks, while the adaptability and flexibility to match your goal is essential for us. Our team is developed in various specialisations, which makes complex tasks completion possible without hiring any external specialist. We conduct electric, hydraulic as well as pneumatic setups, maintenance of devices and machines, their renovation and modifications.



Our offer includes:

  • relocation, assembly & disassembly of devices or machines

  • relocation of factories and ventures

  • steel structures relocation

  • transportation, loading & unloading of trucks and containers

  • electric, hydraulic, pneumatic connections

  • renovation, modification and maintenance of devices and heavy machinery


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